Protein shakes

tips for smoothies

Are you wanting to increase the amount of protein in your diet but looking for things other than lean meats, fish and quinoa? How about upping your protein levels, hydration and increasing the number of fruits and vegetables you eat in one day in one easy to make shake or smoothie? Sound good? Sound easy? […]

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Little dancing feet


Dancing is something all the children enjoy doing. They’ve certainly all got rhythm and love a good boogie. They will regularly request a song and have a dance off in the kitchen or hallway – often in fancy dress, bringing a whole new meaning to Batman Vs Superman. Our big girl is ballet trained so […]

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An alternative to rice


During the week, we grown ups try to eat a high protein and low fat diet with very few bulky carbohydrates. This means that I’m always looking for substitutes for rice, pasta and potatoes, as well sources of protein. We are big fans of naked noodles which we use a lot with chicken and fish. We […]

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Fay Ripley’s mid-week mini roast recipe

With after school activities busier than ever – from homework to sports clubs and after school playdates – navigating the family weekly schedule and deciding what to put on the midweek menu can be a tricky task. As the dinner dilemma continues to cause a headache for families across the country, celebrity mum and recipe […]

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Healthy family meals in a rush

Are you the type of parent who is passionate about healthy eating but is always in a rush? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, I’m the same. I always like to ensure that I serve my little ones a healthy meal, but sometimes, life can get in the way. Between housework, school picks ups, after school […]

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Feeding fuel

Breastfeeding can be hard work. I’ve heard lots of people say that they were always hungry when they were breastfeeding. After breastfeeding four babies I actually don’t think I have had that “I’m starving” feeling more than a handful of times and I certainly haven’t felt like I needed to eat more. Having said that, […]

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