What Food Is Highest in Iron?

Iron is an essential nutrient needed by our body to function properly. It plays a host of important roles in our body, including the production of haemoglobins in the red blood cells, which distribute oxygen from the lungs throughout the body.

A slight deficiency in Iron can cause anaemia, extreme fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath, and organ failure in chronic cases. While our body stores iron, it can not produce it. Therefore, we need to eat meals and take supplements that help provide an adequate amount of Iron to our body system, and, according to this dentist in Stafford, this is especially the case for pregnant women as they are more prone to iron deficiency and gum diseases.

In this article, I discuss different meals you can take to meet your daily iron requirements, boost Iron levels, and still eat various, tasty, and nutritious diets.

Foods highest in Iron

Some of the foods rich in iron are;


Most kinds of seafood are very rich in Iron. A good example is a shellfish. These fishes are not just delicious, but also nutritious. Other seafood like oysters, clams, sardines, and mussels have the largest amount of heme iron. A mere 3.5-ounce meal of any of these could leave you with up to 3 milligrams of Iron.


Smoothies are generally healthy and delicious drinks, made from fruits and vegetables. 

They are a pleasant way to enhance your daily iron intake, especially the ones made with spinach, cashews, raspberries, and coconut. 

They can be easily made by measuring, blending, and mixing the various fruits and vegetables required. Smoothies help you consume iron from different sources.


Lentils, various kinds of beans (soybeans, lima beans, white beans, kidney beans), and peas are all good sources of iron. These foods are readily accessible and are linked with a host of other health benefits. You should try them out.

Organs of beef

The organs of Cows are known to be highly nourishing and rich in mineral iron. The tongue, liver, kidney, and heart are a few such organs.

These Cow organs contain a mineral that is more easily absorbed by human bodies than that of plant origin. One of the organs that contain most of the minerals is the Liver, which contains about 6.5 milligrams per 3.5-ounce serving.


Leafy greens, mushrooms, tomatoes, and potatoes, contain more iron per gram than foods often said to be the highest in iron. These veggies are more advantageous because they contain vitamin C which aids the absorption of Iron.


Fruits may probably be the last thing on your mind when you seek to improve your diet’s Iron level. However, certain fruits are extremely high in iron content. You could try out fruits like; Olives, Strawberries, Prunes, Watermelons, Dates, and Apricots.

You should note that the intake of Iron depends largely on age and gender. According to health professionals, men require 8 milligrams in a day, while women 18 milligrams. Pregnant women need 27 mg, while nursing mothers and women over 50 need just 8 to 9 mg.


It is advisable to seek a doctor’s advice if you have a low Iron level. You should also take lots of fruits, veggies, and supplements that contain adequate amounts of Iron.

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