Enter the Kingdom of the Dinosaurs – An Immersive Outdoor Experience

I live with a 6-year old palaeontologist – anyone else? I mean he is a real dinosaur expert and at this point fully intends to spend his life digging up dinosaur bones all over the world. To be honest, I find the prospect of this utterly thrilling as I do love a good dinosaur. I fully intend to be THAT mum trying to get in on the digging action!

We are always looking for different ways to find out more about these incredible creatures, so we were thrilled to learn about this new experience coming to Manchester and then Nottingham.

Take a look at the video below to get a taster of what you can expect!

This is a rare chance to walk among the dinosaurs on a Jurassic journey of discovery in a brand new immersive outdoor experience. In Manchester from July 23rd until 15th August and then in Nottingham from 15th October until 31st October.

The epic adventure will bring ancient history back to life with jaw- droppingly realistic dinosaurs including the gigantic T-rex, King of the Jurassic era, and all kinds of other animatronic creatures that can move and roar!

Coming from the creators of the award-winning Lightopia Festival, this will be a chance to journey back millions of years to the time when these majestic beasts reigned over the land and see them as they would have lived in a natural outdoor habitat. Technology will bring the prehistoric world to life with loads of innovative features packed into the state of the art experience from 3D anatomy mapping to a nerve jangling encounter with holographic dinosaurs hiding amongst the ancient woodlands.

Offering a perfect blend of education and entertainment, Dino Kingdom visitors will discover all kinds of things about these amazing creatures inside and out as they are brought to life in a completely new and exciting way.

A Dino Kingdom app has been created for the Jurassic journey with loads of content to give a unique insight into how dinosaurs lived, millions of years ago. As well as the natural outdoor setting, there will be indoor activities including lots of fun interactive features from designing a dinosaur to see it come to life in a virtual kingdom or feeding the hungry beasts in a Dino Keeper VR experience.

An excavation sand pit for budding palaeontologists, dinosaur eggs, fossils, smouldering volcanoes, a giant dinosaur skeleton head and a walk-through fossil tunnel as well as fairground rides for all ages and plenty of family- friendly food and drink look set to make this an unforgettable experience.

With more than two thirds of the tickets for the inaugural Dino Kingdom opening in Manchester already sold three weeks ahead of the opening date, organisers are confident the event will be welcomed by dinosaur fans of all ages when it arrives in Nottingham.

Advance tickets are priced at £15 for adults, £13 for children (under 3s are free) and £54 for a family ticket. Join the Jurassic journey here:

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