Family Fun: Gandeys Circus 2020 UK tour “UNBELIEVABLE”

Are you a fan of the circus? My first memory of the circus is begging my parents to take me to a circus when I was about six and we were on holiday in France.

There were horses, monkeys, goats, a buffalo and a giraffe. I cried afterwards and my parents were furious at the way the animals were treated.

Circus acts have moved on since then in a big way thank goodness! They are now very much characterised by being animal free and focused on the seriously impressive talent and skill level of the acts.

During half term we went to see the 2020 show of Gandeys Circus in Liverpool.

Gandeys Circus

Gandeys Circus presents its 2020 UK tour UNBELIEVABLE, direct from Hong Kong, featuring an international cast of over 30 performers. During the show, you join the perfromers on a journey from Victorian England through the USA, South America, Bollywood and Africa in an unforgettable fun-filled voyage around the world in 80 minutes!

What to expect

The show keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time, it’s a great show to see as a family.

There were lots of highlights for us during the show and we all enjoyed different elements. The opening light and laser show was a wonderful way to begin.

We really enjoyed the Indian gymnasts showing off the ancient skill of Mallakhamba, tumbling up and down a pole to the beat of Bollywood without pause for breath. This was so impressive to watch.

We loved the very funny Andreea the clown, who, quite honestly is the best clown I’ve ever seen. She took this role to another level, expertly including the audience and ad libbing with perfection.

The Latino ensemble of Cuba twist, swing, somersault and catch each other off a frame without the aid of a safety net – before suspending themselves from the big top roof, hanging by just their hair. This had the entire audience gasping!

One of the best bits from our point of view was watching the motorbikes in the thunderdome. One motorbike races around inside a large silver ball, then they add another and then another. I was watching through my fingers by the end of this act! So very skilful and impressive.

Watch the video below for a taster of what to expect. You can book tickets here for the tour show near you.

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