Feeding in style

In the last ten years since my first pregnancy I feel as if maternity fashion has improved. There are lots of lovely things out there now for pregnant women, and whilst I still think there are considerable improvements still to be made, things have progressed.

I don’t however feel the same about breastfeeding clothing. I still feel that there are huge improvements needed in the choice, range and price of breastfeeding clothing. Also, please tell me why I would suddenly choose a flowery, frumpy number when I wouldn’t wear that normally. All I want are things I would normally choose with easy boob access – why is that too much to ask?

I have tended to opt for normal clothing that can easily expel a boob, rather than pay what seems like an over inflated price for something with a secret boob passage.

Finding something to wear for a meeting or special occasion can be the hardest thing. I’ve been really impressed with Yummy Mummy Maternity and Nursing, they have some great breastfeeding items.

I love this simple yet smart dress which is perfect for breastfeeding. Although this can also be a maternity dress, the style and the fabric mean that if you are breastfeeding in it you won’t look like you are still wearing maternity clothing.

I love the long sleeves and I think this is the kind of dress that can be dressed up or down. It would do for a meeting, an evening do or even with tights in the winter. At £45.00 I think this is the sort of item you could really get some wear out of and feel like you had got your monies worth. The silver detailing really glams it up and the style is easy access and practical for feeding whilst also being flattering to a post-baby figure.

IMG_20150606_231203_wm  IMG_20150606_231349_wm

How have you handled feeding fashion?


  1. Oh I definitely agree. I think the fashion industry has finally realised that pregnant ladies still want to look good.

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