The last breastfeed

smash the cake

Remember, remember the 5th of  November 2015 – I will. I’m not sure if I ever gave much thought to the last breastfeed over nine years ago as I gave my first born her first feed. After all, that was only the start of the journey. I’ve spoken before about my views on breastfeeding and that […]

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Elle Macpherson – I salute you!

Feeding bras, honestly I don’t know where to start. In addition to the realisation that compared to your pre-baby bras these would work quite nicely as parachutes, buying these babies can be utterly soul destroying. Having now fed four babies across 9 years I can safely say I’ve explored the range of feeding bras on […]

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Independent feeding

Regardless of your approach to feeding and weaning; standard, baby led, mixed or something else, all little ones like to use meal times to exercise their independence. Meal times are a great opportunity to work on developing the pincer grip, the grab, hand–to-eye coordination and hand-to-mouth coordination. I’ve always tried to get a balance with […]

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Feeding in style

In the last ten years since my first pregnancy I feel as if maternity fashion has improved. There are lots of lovely things out there now for pregnant women, and whilst I still think there are considerable improvements still to be made, things have progressed. I don’t however feel the same about breastfeeding clothing. I […]

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Your baby, your choice

keeping children healthy

The breast vs bottle debate is not something I openly get involved in normally, but there is so much in the press at the moment it is hard to ignore. There are some people who have the choice taken away from them, often for medical reasons and might for example be told they cannot breastfeed. This […]

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Learning to self-feed

Watching children grow and change and develop new skills is one of the really exciting things about being a parent. The rate at which these changes happen can be quite spectacular. Our smallest little man had his eight month check recently and it was a great reminder of all the amazing things he can now […]

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