Creating a practical family living space


Life with children, hey. One minute you’re young, free and single; the next minute you’re wiping down surfaces and moving all your ornaments around so that they don’t pose a hazard. Plus, children are messy and tend to break things as they develop and discover the world around them. Sure, it’s tiring, but you wouldn’t […]

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Handy helpers


I love coming across useful gadgets or gizmos that facilitate family life. You know, those handy helpers that make you think “where have you been all my life?” Things that have multiple benefits and uses always get the gold star and my new favourite that fits into this category are Doddle Bags, available from Lakeland. Just […]

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The snowtrain: is it family-friendly?

Heading off on a skiing holiday with children requires lots of thought and lots of planning. Skiing is a wonderful way to spend holiday time together but with children in tow the potential for complications is high. Many people assume that if you are heading off on a skiing holiday that you have to fly […]

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More than a milk bottle

milk bottles

You might have read my article recently on moving from breast to bottle, you can find yourself trying all sorts of bottle types when you are trying to make the switch. Many look the same and make the same claims, but really it is just about establishing what works best for your little one. Once […]

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Feeding in style

In the last ten years since my first pregnancy I feel as if maternity fashion has improved. There are lots of lovely things out there now for pregnant women, and whilst I still think there are considerable improvements still to be made, things have progressed. I don’t however feel the same about breastfeeding clothing. I […]

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How do you shower with little ones?

Now, if your morning routine consists of just having to sort yourself out then this will seem like a totally alien post to you. If, however your morning consists of having to get yourself and several small people up and out of the house by a very fixed time then you may be a little […]

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