First tastes

You might have read our recent post called “A different approach to weaning” in it I talked about how differently I have approached weaning with my third and fourth children compared to my first and second.I discussed the part that Ella’s Kitchen pouches have played in this process and how useful these are both when out and about and to avoid making huge amounts of something your children do not even like.So far I have established that Noah is not that keen on peaches, although when blended with banana he will eat them. He is also not crazy about lentils either but everything else has been going down well.
Two pouches I have introduced to the ‘Noah taste test’ this week are the new pouches from Ella’s Kitchen.

Peas peas peas is an addition to the First Tastes Veg family from Ella’s Kitchen. This deeelicious new pouch joins the existing yummy veggie tastes, carrots, carrots, carrots, sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes + parsnips, parsnips, parsnips.  For little ones from 4 months each First Taste Veg pouch contains just one single scrummy veggie. The squishy pouches are a handy way to encourage little ones to love their veggies from the very first taste and help them grow up to be good little eaters. 
The single pouches are really useful in establishing exactly what your little ones like and don’t like but I would say if they refuse once do try them again. Noah wasn’t keen on the peas the first time but when I tried again he ate them well.

Peas, peas, peas

The Orange One is a brand new recipe to add to the bestselling squishy smoothie fruits range! With squished mangoes, coconut milk, apples + bananas, the Orange One is bursting with a deeelicious creamy tropical taste and is totally dairy free.Noah tried this and loved it but didn’t get to finish it as it was stolen by Theo who LOVES the smoothie range. Theo eats at least two of the pouches from this range every day. They are great for a quick breakfast before the school run or as a little snack later on in the day.

the Orange One MultipackWhat are your babies favourite first tastes? It is safe to say anything with bananas, parsnips, strawberries or apricots goes down especially well here. 

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