Game changers

So you think you have a good routine, a good system and you take the necessary safety precautions as far as your children are concerned and then, suddenly, out of nowhere comes a game changer.

You know the things I mean…the things that suddenly change the way you have to do things. These are often related to milestones in your children. I wrote about those recently here. These might be:

  • when your baby first starts to roll about – it means you can’t leave them in the middle of the bed and nip to the loo, because chances are they wont be there when you get back
  • when your baby first starts to eat solid food – no longer can you just be out and about and know that your boobs alone can cater for a hungry baby, they actually need to eat something as well
  • when your baby/toddler starts to walk – you now find the need to be in a large padded area constantly and you don’t want to blink in case they crash land
  • when your toddler starts to talk – no longer can you get away with the odd “**it” as you drop a glass, spill something or worse, it WILL be repeated OVER and OVER again

These game changers go on and on as your children grow and develop and just when you start to feel you have a good thing going one of them will drop a game changer in there and you have to respond – trouble is, these little beauties operate at lightning speed and they have all been inducted at birth by a secret society working AGAINST us parents.


Our game changer this week is…

  • a toddler growth spurt

This means that overnight…yes, overnight, our little man has grown so he can now suddenly reach all the door handles in the house! Did he go on a stretching rack at the meeting of the secret society last night?

This is a MASSIVE game changer and I need to work out my strategy for dealing with this. It has to be a solid strategy as this toddler is already Houdini.

What are your recent game changers?

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  1. My children are older, 15 and 22, but I still feel the need to have bumpers to protect them from the troubles in life, we teach them to not get into trouble, only it is bigger trouble, they reach into areas I wish they would stay away from, and they seem to disappear when I need help with the chores… I am not sure that it ever changes! Good luck with your Houdini!

  2. Ah these game changers don’t you love and dislike them! They are fantastic but they make your life that little bit more awkward. Boo is stretching to reach the door handles but luckily she is still too short (phew)

  3. I remember these days! We don’t have many changes nowadays as our girls are three, but when they were younger it seemed just as I would start to get used to one routine, things would change again. Lovely post. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  4. Hahaha- we’re very clever aren’t we? Good job we are so cute! I am currently having mega meltdowns, and I want to walk EVERYWHERE! Even when, I really just can’t, I want to! X

  5. Oh yes, we just love growth spurts in our house. Our boy, Harry, who’s now 3 has been having one for what feels like the last 2 years! He’s in age 5-6 years clothes! It is very easy to forget he’s just a baby still really!

  6. Dude I can relate!! Reuben went from not being able to reach anything to being able to reach things off the counter. Just like that. Like knives and all sorts. Nothing is safe anymore!!! Great post, thanks for linking up to #TheList xx

  7. Our game changer this week is Caitlin’s KS2 test. We’ve really downplayed it because we didn’t want her to associate tests with stress – at least not quite yet. I know some parents have already been drilling their kids in maths but at 7 it just seems a bit too much too soon. #sharethejoy

  8. I think our most recent game changer was when my son was finally potty trained. It felt like a real victory at first. But then I had to face going out into the world with him! You learn quite quickly where all the local public toilets are! x

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