Pretend play in the toddler years

pretend play

Sometimes as parents we might look at our children’s toys and think they are just part of their leisure time, but it’s so important to remember that playing is how children learn in the early years. Therefore, the toys they have can be quite important and influential. I love to watch (hiding so they can’t […]

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How your child can succeed at sixth form

nelson mandela

The importance of sixth form cannot be overstated, and this is the case with regard to academic measures and the growing maturity and development of youngsters. The performance of a student at sixth form will often determine what college or university they can gain access to and what courses they can study. So if university […]

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It’s a bug’s life


Slugs and snails and puppy dogs tails…that’s what little boys are made of… At least this one is anyway. He’s totally fascinated by bugs at the moment. He’s not crazy about wasps after getting stung on his hand last year, and he likes to see flies blasted, but with everything else he is interested and so gentle. He […]

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The benefits of character toys

Does your child have a favourite TV character? Who is it? Peppa? Dora? One of the Teletubbies? Fireman Sam? Or something else? Do they have toys that match these preferences? How educational do you think these toys are? I wrote recently about encouraging creativity in children and how character toys that already have personalities and names […]

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Teletubbies Takeover

If you are a regular reader of the blog you might have read our Teletubbies Teaser recently. If you didn’t catch it you can read it here. On Christmas Eve we received a very special parcel from Character Options. When we finally got around to opening it, there were some very excited little people on hand to […]

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Why we love toddlers

Toddlers, we love them right? Yes, of course they can be hard work, exhausting at times even, but this period of development is also so fascinating, heart-warming and thoroughly entertaining. We get so excited when the first word comes, whatever that might be. We are probably hoping it’s “Mummy” or “Daddy”, but if it’s a […]

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