This week would have been half term if the children had been in school, so we decided to take a break from formal learning and do much more outside in the lovely sunshine.

Bug hunts

The children all really enjoyed hunting for bugs and interesting things in the garden. They worked in teams collecting things and then spent ages looking at them under a magnifying glass and microscope.

They found a whole host of creatures. They compared them, drew pictures of them and studied them more closely before releasing them back into the garden.

There were shouts of excitement as they lifted each rock do discover more bugs.

Watching the moon

Given all the lovely clear nights we’ve been having, we’ve been watching the moon and the stars. We were able to view the moon in a crescent phase the other night and see the craters.

The children all loved this. It took quite a while to focus in, but once we did we were able to see it really closely. We are hoping to keep doing this as the moon begins to change over the coming days.

In the kitchen

There’s been more bread making this week, so the children could have hot dogs on the fire pit we built. We’ve made pesto with the wild garlic we have growing in the garden, we’ve made blueberry and banana flapjack with the bananas that were going a bit squishy and we’ve made fresh juices everyday.

Helping in the garden

The children have played in the garden loads this week in the nice weather, but they’ve also helped out a lot too with weeding, chopping down bushes and general garden maintenance. They’ve also begun to clear a space to build a den.

Keeping active

There have been lots of games of football and tag this week, as well as bike riding, gymnastics practice, running and YouTube exercise videos.

What have you been up to this week?

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