We started this week with high hopes for the weather. The forecast was good, so we were hoping to be outside a lot more again. The week started off very gloomy though, not at all what was forecast.

We continued to plough through school work, and reading the frequent changes to term dates and school plans locally, the key to everything at the minute seems to be to be flexible and adaptable to change.

Mid- week was glorious, hot and sunny, before a storm arrived on Friday.

Construction play

The little boys enjoyed playing in the sand with their construction toys once the sunshine came out. Once the sun appeared it was actually pretty hot.

They enjoy digging and scooping and moving the sand around from digger to digger.

Helping to fix a wall

When the weather was nice the children helped to fix a wall outside. They enjoyed mixing the mortar, deciding what size stones we needed to the different spaces and using the trowels.

Playing outside

There was lots of time outside this week, with Swingball, hide and seek, playing on the tree swing etc. We also managed a BBQ during the nice weather and watched a few sunsets.

How was your week?

Next week will be a little different, with the big kids going into school for their two hour check-in and catch up sessions. This will most definitely alter the flow of the week, but it only affects two mornings next week.

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