This week, some children in England have returned to school. In Wales, that hasn’t happened yet, but this week we have heard that schools in Wales will re-open at the end of June. It does not seem that this will be in a teaching capacity, but more of a checking-in with pupils prior to the summer holidays and September. Plans were also announced regarding extending the summer term by one week.

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How to help your children with their homework

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I have always felt that learning begins at home. It isn’t a case of waiting until children start nursery or school for them to start learning. As parents we are responsible for their learning from day one. My parents were superb at reading to me as a small child and I entered primary school being able […]

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Five minute fun: day four


At home I am always trying to make the regular things in life or normal conversations into learning opportunities and fun activities. 5 minute fun really fits in with my approach to parenting so I’ve decided to take their 7 day challenge with the children and will be sharing the activities we try. So – what […]

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