How Any Parent Can Get Started With Investing

Whether it’s real estate, stocks and shares, or even a franchise business, investing is something that we should all consider. Investing can be an alien concept to a lot of us, but it might be worth getting started sooner rather than later. When we’ve got children to keep tabs on and our frazzled brains can barely string together a few sentences, learning the ropes of investing may seem like one task too much, but there’s many ways to get started with investing, including the following:

Investing in Jewellery

Jewellery is something that could be a very simple way to get started in the world of investing. Investing is basically all about spending money on something which can net you a higher price later on, and this is why jewellery can be an ideal place to begin because it appreciates in value. The most important thing to remember when you are investing in jewellery is to look at what you can realistically afford. Suppliers like Rogers and Hollands provide a wealth of items to get you started but you need to make sure you don’t overstretch your capabilities. The whole point of investing is to put whatever little you have aside so it can appreciate in value, you should never use your last few pennies to invest.

Stocks and Shares

This does require a bit more work up front but there’s an amazing guide on the Money Saving Expert website that can demystify the process for you. It’s about making sure that you are comfortable with the process but also not feeling like you are bound by the ups and downs of the market. A set-it-and-forget-it approach to stocks and shares is the best course of action. Ensuring that you invest whatever little you can into the market gives you a flavour of how things will go. There’s many apps that can get you started. For example, the Moneybox app gives you the opportunity to save for a lifetime ISA, but you can also set up a stocks and shares ISA.

A Lifetime ISA 

We have to remember that investing is about the long term and a lifetime ISA is an amazing way to top up any earnings by 25% up to the value of £4,000. This means that if you were to put £4,000 into your lifetime ISA you would get an extra £1,000 on top of it. However, you need to open it before you turn 40 and you can’t put money into it after the age of 50.

Photo by Joshua Mayo on Unsplash

High-Interest Savings Accounts

This is the safer option for most people, especially if you don’t feel like you can invest in things of high value. It’s always worth looking at high-interest savings accounts, especially if you’re trying to give your children a bit more of a head start in life. Investing is one of those things that we should learn about because it can potentially net us bigger returns than just earning a basic wage and setting it aside for a rainy day.


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