Why investing in a franchise is a great opportunity for parents

Written by Joel Bissitt

Balancing life as a parent at the same time as pursuing a career can be challenging on occasions. It is always helpful to explore career options that can create a better work-life balance while still proving lucrative. Home based franchises can be an excellent opportunity for parents who want to spend more time with their children but simultaneously fulfil their own career objectives and goals and earn money.

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Choosing a low-cost franchise as a parent offers you the opportunity to work from home or to choose a business that appeals to you as a parent. With so many exciting and fulfilling opportunities on the franchise market, your selected area could allow you to fulfil both your parenting commitments and career ambitions.

So why are work from home franchises such an excellent option for parents?

The amazing opportunity to work from home

The stressful daily commute to work can incite anxiety in anyone, but when you’re a parent, it’s even more so. Your morning requires several hours dedicated to waking your children, feeding them, dressing them and sending them to school or daycare, and the last thing you may want to brave is an hour stuck in traffic, negotiating other drivers as they weave in and out of lanes. Working from home eliminates that commute and allow you to have more time to relax, energise yourself and dedicate your morning focus to your work. According to one 2018 study, as many as 40% of franchise models can be operated from a home office.

When you invest in a home based franchise, you also do not have to deal with other issues that office work can generate, such as toxic co-workers, unpleasant office conditions. It allows you the versatility to tailor your working conditions to the optimum level that suits you, which will increase your productivity and boost your overall mental well-being at the same time.

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Improved flexibility

Investing in your own franchise gives you the flexibility to make more choices. Instead of being an employee, subject to the daily grind, you will be able to adapt your work around your life rather than vice versa. Have you ever had a phone call from the school informing you that your child has a tummy ache and needs to be collected? Have you ever experienced a day when your child feels sick and can’t go to school at all? Do you remember those awkward conversations with your boss, telling them that you need to put your children’s needs first? Well, with a franchise of your own, you will have the flexibility to work around that and prioritise your family life when necessary.

More financial stability

Raising children is expensive. Statistics indicate that the cost of raising one child to adulthood can vary from one country to another but it a universally expensive endeavour. Investing in a low-cost franchise that allows you to bring in substantial income can really boost your financial stability, giving you more disposable income and improving the quality of your family’s lives.

Improved work-life balance

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Franchises for parents offer an exceptional opportunity to create a better work-life balance. With home based franchises, you can be there to greet your children when they return home from their long day at school. Working from home also gives parents with younger preschool children the availability to cut down on childcare costs by looking after the kids whilst simultaneously running your franchise from your house. This benefit can be exceedingly more cost-effective for you and release some vital funds that you might want to spend on other things, such as family holidays or fun family days out.

In addition, running your own franchise can allow you to enjoy more family time together because you can tailor your working around school holidays, and you won’t be forced to work unsociable shift patterns, nights or weekends if you do not want to. This can be a very attractive option, especially if you have previously been in a career where long days or nights were impacting your family time. You can even delegate work to employees when you run a home based franchise and have as much or as little personal input into the daily running as you choose.

Career fulfilment

When you are essentially your own boss, have a successful franchise business, and are earning excellent profits, it can give you the career satisfaction that you have always craved. It will allow you to realise your ambitions and dreams in a flexible way that you can adapt to suit your own life. Whichever kind of franchise you choose to invest in, be it a home based franchise, a white-collar franchise or any other kind of franchising business, you can make that choice and fulfil those long-held ambitions that you might not have previously believed were possible


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