How to be a spy kid and the tools you need

Have your children seen the spy kids movies? If not, give them a go. They are great family entertainment and fun for everyone to watch together. Just in the same way as children try to set up traps after watching Home Alone for the first time, the spy kids movies will have them dressing up as secret agents and looking for things to aid their spy missions!

So, what exactly does a spy kid need?

Having Custom IDs add authenticity to spy play, letting kids fully engage in their roles, and they also provide peace of mind by including emergency contact information. It’s a fun and safe way for kids to explore their imagination and creativity while staying connected to important information. So, shop for custom ID cards now. 

how to be a spy
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Creating a spy team

Every good spy kid needs a team. Spying is safer and more fun with two or more people. Your teammates can back you up and can help complete your mission faster.

You should have one teammate who knows a lot about technology, such as computer shortcuts and knowledge of gadgets. The tech member can also make maps, plans, charts, and notes about the secret mission, as well as help others work a smartwatch.

Being clever doesn’t hurt either. If you have a friend or sibling that’s great at thinking outside of the box and is quick on his or her feet, add them to the mix.

Sometimes it’s good to have a teammate that’s strong, like for heavy lifting or hard tasks that involve strength.

Having a younger sibling is always helpful too, because they can usually get into the enemy’s hideout, because they are smaller and a lot more trustworthy because of their age. If they are super cute that can help too!

how to be a spy
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Team roles

Once you have your team, you will need to work out who is going to take on which role. Don’t worry if there are only a couple of you, you can share the roles out. You will need:

  • A captain who is in charge of the team
  • A vice-captain to help the captain make decisions and take their place if they are away on another mission
  • A tech person in charge of the computer, surveillance equipment, and maps
  • A few general spies who go out in the field to do most of the spying – field agents you can call them
  • Make sure there are other spies at the base ready to back you up on your mission
  • Also, have another spy at a computer to write things down and get and record information.

Spy gadgets

A spy is only as good as their gadgets, right? Ask James Bond! Everyone needs a way to report back to the base. It could be a mobile phone, a walkie talkie, or even just a whistle – if they get in trouble, someone can come running.

Your team might also need intercoms, video equipment, cameras, glasses with additional features, and so on. If you really want to be ahead of your game you and your spy crew will need something like an observation drone. All top spy missions use drones these days, so stay on top of things with one of these cool gadgets from Hawkin’s Bazaar.

how to be a spy kid

Gain an eye in the sky that’s under your complete control with an RC camera drone. Send the Recon Observation Drone out on a scouting mission and its underside camera will capture footage, loading up the on-board SD card with videos and still images of whatever it sees. Just what every team of spies needs right?

Just press either the video or photo buttons on the controller during flight to start recording images to view back later. This “quadcopter drone” even comes with an SD card reader so you can hand over to your tech expert, who can plug it straight into a computer and view your aerial handy work.

The Recon Observation drone has a control range of up to 50 metres as well as an increased resilience to signal interference, meaning it can operate alongside other RC vehicles unhindered. So, don’t worry, your mission won’t be messed up by a younger siblings’ RC car!

It also features a three-speed flight toggle, giving you more control and greater movement as well as a stunt button that triggers a mid-air flip. This stable flying machine is a great first step into the world of drones as it offers a bit of everything and comes with all the bits you need to get started.

If you are serious about being a spy kid, you need this in your life!

Spy training

how to be a spy
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Once you have everything you need to get started and you have your spy team in place, you need to begin your intense spy training. The best spies are the ones who train the hardest!

Practice using your gadgets, get your outfits sorted out, develop your cover story, practice escaping from places and of course practice different voices, or even a few words in different languages!

Now you are all set! But wait, what’s your spy name? You can find out your spy name by using the spy name generator.

Good luck with your first mission!



    1. I only have an 11 year old sister and I am nine so, I’m asking my mom to buy me a kit and she said she was going to think about it.

  2. What if there’s nothing to spy on except your brothers?
    It’s not hard to spy it’s just hard to find something to spy on.

  3. I would want to express my gratitude to you for penning such an engaging article on the subject. This has given me a lot to think about, and I am looking forward to reading more.

  4. I’d want to thank you for writing such an interesting article on the issue. This has given me a lot to think about, and I’m excited to read more.

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