How to Organise a 60th Birthday Holiday

When it comes to birthdays, the older you get, the less you want to celebrate. However, there are certain milestone birthdays that shouldn’t pass by without some kind of recognition. A 60th birthday is one such occasion, and a great way to celebrate would be to go on holiday with the family. Birthday parties are a good idea, but everyone opts for one of those. Take the opportunity and do something a little different. Your children will have grown up and possibly have children of their own. A holiday in the sun will be a memorable get together. If you’re at all worried about organising such an event, keep reading for some useful tips.

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Brainstorm Ideas

You could organise everything yourself and hope it suits everyone else. A better option is to ask those that will be tagging along for ideas. If there are young children coming along, a beach holiday is always going to be popular. Somewhere there are water parks and amusements are bound to be a hit. Older children may appreciate something a little more sophisticated such as a city break.

Work out a Budget

This is something you need to decide on from the beginning as it will affect all the other decisions you make. Are you going to treat the person with the birthday and divide the cost between everyone else? Factor in extras such as transportation, food, entertainment and accommodation.

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What Accommodation is Best?

For a family holiday, you will want to keep everyone together. Plus, as a family, you will more than likely wish for a communal experience, where you can be in charge of your own meals and cook family-style dinner times with one another. Such an experience is lost when staying in a hotel. Instead, you can explore the selection of stunning villas in Menorca. Staying in a private villa means you’re able to relax and unwind in complete privacy, plus you have more freedom when it comes to meals, getting a sunbed, and not having to deal with other tourists – ideal for families with elderly relatives or young children.

The Logistics of Travelling

Travelling in a large group can be very complicated, but it does have its benefits. Groups can often take advantage of special offers and discounts, for example. It is best to leave the booking for one person to do as this will make it more likely you all get to sit together. While it may not be a problem if the birthday girl/boy is sat on their own at the front of the plane, it will be more enjoyable for everyone if you can all sit in the same area.

Will There be Any Other Activities?

While there may be people in your group that will happily spend a week sat by the pool, there may well be others who would appreciate some other form of entertainment. Research the area and see what activities there will be for you to participate in. Investigate the local attractions and check whether there are any tours. The kids that may prove to be the most difficult to entertain so ask them what they’d like to do with their time. As well as giving you some ideas this will also make them feel more involved.


Keep Your Holiday Flexible

It is good to have an element of planning when it comes to family holidays, but don’t make the mistake of going overboard. One or two major activities will be something to aim for or smaller outings every day. As well as planning things to do don’t forget to include lots of relaxation time. Also include some time when individuals can get away on their own for a while. Family holidays can sometimes be a little stressful. Spending time in each other’s pockets 24 hours a day can be overwhelming.

Family holidays are a chance to build special memories. Combining it with a special occasion makes it all the more memorable. Don’t feel compelled to spend all the time together. Splitting off into smaller groups will add to the fun. It’s a birthday celebration so the guest of honour should be the centre of attention, but they might also appreciate some time with their partner or on their own. Staying in a villa will give the group the flexibility it needs and ensure all party guests have a great time. A 60th birthday only comes around once. You might have to wait a while for another special occasion.

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