Choosing swimwear: Hunkemoller Limited Collection

Are you off anywhere nice this summer? Anywhere that requires the purchase of new swimwear?

I’m not a fan of buying swimwear, like, really not a fan. It doesn’t excite me in the slightest. I’m more focused on what it will cover rather than anything else.

I don’t feel comfortable in swimwear at all and the thought of getting into a swimsuit, or worse, bikini sends me into a tailspin. Anyone else? I think that can happen after children. All we see is our wobbly bits and so you end up not really caring what the swimsuit is.

bikini by Hunkemoller

What I’m slowly teaching myself though is that as uncomfortable as I find being in swimwear, that feeling is way better than feeling like I’ve missed out on quality time with my children. I do put a swim suit on and I do go in the water with them, because that is so much more important than how I feel about how I look in a swimsuit.

One of the things that can make you feel better though is a decent swimsuit, or bikini if you are brave enough for that. I haven’t worn a bikini in well, forever probably, but I’m braving it this year.

At the moment there is a lovely collection of swimwear that’s a bit different to the standard stuff you see in the shops, on the Hunkemoller website. Be quick though, as their collections change all the time.

The first thing to say about these is that they are super comfy. The fabrics are clearly designed with comfort in mind and they are engineered to flatter. I have to say I totally fell in love with this brand after buying bras from them, so I did have high hopes for their swimwear and I’m really not disappointed.

swimwear by Hunkemoller

There are three bikinis and a swimsuit in this particular collection, all black and white and can be bought as separates, so you can even mix and match if you like.

If you aren’t a fan of black and white there are a ton of other bikinis and swimsuits on the website outside of this particular collection. Bottom line, I’ve decided if you are going to wear a bikini or swimsuit, it should be a good one!

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