Tops for summer

This bizarre mixed back of weather makes the ‘summer wardrobe’ a little redundant don’t you think? I carefully vac sacked the winter clothes away, after our Spring heatwave, then instantly regretted it and now, well now I don’t have a clue what to put on. I loathe the feeling of sticking, moist skin.

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Fancy some liquid sunshine?

importance of Vitamin D

“I’m just topping up on some natural Vitamin D” I’ve heard a few people say that during the summer months. Yes of course we need to take care in the sunshine, just like the negative effects of smoking are well known these days, I honestly think that the message about staying safe in the sun […]

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Summer family travel essentials

sun safety for kids

Planning a family trip Family travel can be stressful there is no doubt about it, but planning ahead can take some of the sting out of it. Of course you’ll never be able to dodge every stressful situation or tantrum or bad timing or travel delay even, BUT if you are prepared for most eventualities […]

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