Keeping little people hydrated this summer

Keeping children hydrated should be simple, but it’s one of those simple things that can turn into a nightmare battle for many parents.

Parental struggles

The amount of negotiation that goes into trying to get a child to drink their water at school sometimes, can be like a military operation.

For a while I struggled to get one of the children to drink any water at all. Times like this I rely on brands like Rocks to get us through. Research shows that 64% of parents currently buy squash for their children in a bid to help them drink more and reach the recommended hydration guidelines. However, there has been an increased interest in the nutritional values and ingredients of squash, with nearly half of parents (49%) claiming to actively look for drinks containing no artificial sweeteners due to controversial health claims.

Made using a simple recipe of fruit, sugar and fresh Devonshire spring water to provide natural energy, Rocks Drinks are committed to making premium squashes for families who want naturally sourced ingredients and a delicious thirst-quenching drink that is bursting full of flavour for the entire family to enjoy.

These days, things have improved a huge amount and all the children will now drink water. Having said that it’s nice to be able to make water more interesting without adding any nasties to it.

Out and about

Obviously you can use a refillable bottle and make up a squash to take out with you, but for those times when you just need to grab something quickly, handy bottles like the Get More Vits Kids range, can be really useful.

The children love these and I’ve been buying them on and off for a few years now. Get More Vits kids offers a delicious range of vitamin drinks.

Packed with multi-vitamins the Get More Vits orange and mango water is the perfect drink to keep your little one hydrated this summer. This sugar-free multivitamin drink provides a blend of B vitamins to support energy levels and the immune system, plus vitamin D and calcium for growing bones.

When they are doing extra running around in the garden, by the pool or even playing at the beach, dehydration can happen quickly, so have a few tricks up your sleeve this summer!

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