How to protect babies and children against dry skin

Dry skin is a common problem in both adults and babies and children. Keeping well hydrated can help, as can a good moisturising routine and the use of products that do not dry the skin further.

Dry skin is something that every member of our family has suffered with at some point in time so I am always interested to learn about new ways of tackling this. This always seems worse in the cold weather when we are constantly moving from cold to hot environments.

I have recently become aware of the new Oilatum Junior range which is designed to be used everyday on babies and children to protect against dry skin.

I was already familiar with the Oilatum brand having used this for my eldest  child’s eczema for many years so I already felt they were a brand I could trust.

 Oilatum Daily Junior  ShampooOilatum Daily Junior  Head to Toe WashOilatum Daily Junior  Bath Foam

Oilatum Daily is available at Boots, Tesco and Sainsbury’s. The range includes: a shampoo; a head to toe wash; a bath foam and a moisturiser.This means you can use the products for a full head to toe skincare routine, making dealing with dry skin a consistent process.

The range is well packaged in bottles that do not leak, stand up well in the bathroom and yet are still quite easy to pack in luggage for trips away. The products smell nice and don’t irritate little eyes. 

The range does seem quite effective at combating dry skin. I did an experiment whereby I used the range everyday on holiday when the children were swimming. This can be quite drying on the skin but whilst using the range skin was normal. After the holiday was over I stopped using the range and skin became quite dry and scaly… so will be moving back to using the range again now!

What are your tips for combating dry skin? Which products do you like to use on your children’s skin?
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