Suitcase essentials for a family beach holiday

A beach holiday can be a great family getaway, whether it’s on our fair shores or somewhere a bit hotter. Either way, you’re not just going to turn up on the beach in your jeans and trainers – it’s always worth being prepared. Granted, there’s a slight difference in what you can take if you have to fly to your location, since luggage allowances probably don’t account for windbreaks and parasols, but here is a list of all the essentials you’ll need to make your beach holiday safe and fun.

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A first aid kit

Unfortunately, beaches aren’t always the safest or cleanest places, so cuts and scrapes can be common place. A small first aid kit with antibacterial wipes, plasters in all shapes and sizes, and a few thicker dressings are perfect for taking down to the beach. Bite and sting relief cream is also a holiday essential, as jellyfish or wasp stings are far better when treated quickly and with the correct solution.

Sun cream


Even in the grey, British summer, sun cream is a beach essential. The sun could come out at any time, and it only takes a few minutes of direct light without sun cream before delicate young skin can get a nasty burn. If you’re abroad, it’s certainly the essential of all family summer trips, as without shade sunburn can occur in moments.

Be sure to keep reapplying if your child is getting in and out of the pool or the sea regularly. The lotion may say waterproof on it, but towel drying can rub the cream straight off the skin, leaving them unprotected.

The right clothing

Taking the right clothing on a beach holiday is as important as taking the sun cream. It’s not just about remembering the bikini and swimming trunks, either. A hat with a wide brim, which covers the top of the head, the face, and the neck is great for avoiding heat stroke, and all children should wear one on the beach.

Having a spare t-shirt to wear over their swimming costumes can help to keep the sun off their delicate skin too, and a jumper for when the sun starts to go down will make sure they’re comfortable. If you’re holidaying on the beach in Britain, don’t forget a light waterproof jacket too – the weather can turn quickly near the sea.


Fun stuff

It isn’t a beach holiday without rubber rings and buckets and spades, but of course, your transportation to your destination will dictate how much you can carry with you. Here’s a top tip – if your child is out on a lilo or inflatable ring on the water, attach a long piece of string to them and the shore. It’s too easy for the float to get caught in the tide, so this will avoid them being washed too far out.


A few practical things

Finally, remember little things like sealable food bags, a picnic box, and talcum powder, which is great for getting the sand off at the end of the day.


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