Suitcase essentials for a family beach holiday


A beach holiday can be a great family getaway, whether it’s on our fair shores or somewhere a bit hotter. Either way, you’re not just going to turn up on the beach in your jeans and trainers – it’s always worth being prepared. Granted, there’s a slight difference in what you can take if you […]

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Learning to swim: understanding children

swimming lessons

Learning to swim is such a vital life skill in my opinion. Swimming lessons are something we have insisted that all the children have. They have been free to choose what other activities they do but we said that learning to swim was not optional. Fortunately they all love the water so it hasn’t been […]

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Swimming training aids


Living with two competitive swimmers means I’m always on the look out for anything that can help them or boost their training schedule or overall performance. Their kit bags are full of the standard stuff that most competitive swimmers cart to the pool with them every session, as well as all the essentials. One of […]

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