Ideas For Your Loved One’s Main Christmas Present

Christmas is almost upon us, but we still have a short while to get those last bits of shopping done. Finding your loved one’s ‘main’ present is perhaps one of the trickiest tasks when it comes to Christmas presents. The main Christmas present if often the one they will leave until last and come back to throughout the rest of Christmas Day. If you need some inspiration on gifts to fit all budgets check out buy Christmas sales, where you will find gifts ideas for everyone.

Here are a few ideas to wow someone special this Christmas.

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Statement Jewellery Piece

Statement jewellery pieces, if executed right, will last a lifetime. They aim to complete an outfit in their own right, without the need to layer on top. Ideally, you want them to stand out and be a show-stopper. Whether you opt for a luxury necklace or a Ladies Chanel watch, you don’t actually have to go into town or the city to get this. There are plenty of high-end jewellery retailers that will get your present delivered in time for Christmas. Alternatively, if you are looking for something more convenient for you to purchase, consider checking out this online jewellery singapore site.


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For music-lovers and aficionados, a high-quality pair of headphones is the ultimate Christmas present. Not only do they often provide a much more high-quality sound than earphones, but they are often a fashion statement in their own right. Brands such as Sony and Sennheiser are both highly-regarded in terms of sound quality, and the former often design their headphones to be visually appealing. This could also be quite a luxury present for a teenager who is glued to their phone and cares strongly about their appearance.

Unique Makeup Collection

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If you have a makeup tutorial enthusiast on your hands, then buying a collection of unique makeup items could win you some serious points on Christmas day. For those who are eco-conscious, you can now buy eco-friendly glitter. Otherwise, a new and exciting eye shadow palette or a new makeup brush kit could be the perfect big present for someone who loves their makeup. Combining a few of these items together would also create a great Christmas bundle.

Beer and Beer Making Kit

If you have a family member who loves a task, then a beer-making kit might be the perfect solution. IPA kits are now big business, especially now that independent craft beers have gained quite a large cult following. You can make it at home, which means there’s no need to empty out the en suite bathroom or devote the entire garden shed to the process. You could pair this with a few bottles of their favourite beer, and maybe some new and interesting varieties – just in case the kit doesn’t go quite to plan.

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If you can’t think of a larger, main present for someone in your life, then why not create a bundle of ideas for them? Put together a bundle of separate presents that have been curated with love and thought and hand these over on Christmas morning. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how much you spend or how physically large the present is; it’s the fact that you thought about their happiness that matters most.

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