Increasing your property value

Are you a homeowner looking to increase the value of your property? Have you been wondering what changes you can make to your home to maximise its worth? Balustrade Components UK LTD have created a really helpful infographic which shows just how homeowners can increase the value of their property. This helpful graphic includes a number of things that you can consider such as:

  • Which rooms should you renovate in your home to get the highest return on investment?
  • Why is it important to renovate your staircase?
  • Which rooms do people renovate the most?
  • What is the average cost of replacing a staircase?
  • Which specific garden renovation will increase your properties value the most?
  • Which part of your home is the most expensive to renovate?
  • Which is the cheapest part of your home to renovate but provides the most substantial return on investment?
  • An overall summary of the best ways to increase property value

Take a look below – are the any that you could action?

home value

Have you done any home renovations recently? Did you consider how you could maximise the value of your property at the time?

Unless you plan on staying in your home forever then whatever alterations you do make to your home, think about whether those changes are a positive thing overall for the property or just suited to your personal needs at the time, as that might be a factor in whether you decide to make the change or not.

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