Kid-powered play

Kid-powered play is quite simply when your child does something to a toy, and that toy responds in some way. So for example, they press a button and a toy makes a noise or lights up.

Interactive toys can make learning and play really interesting for children because they see a ‘reward’ for their efforts. Pushing a car across a floor might have the same effect but this often happens later with toddlers.

Interactive toys can be especially interesting for babies and very young children.

TOMY use ‘KID POWERED’ play to reward children for their efforts of movement, motion and involvement whilst playing, with fun toys with engaging lights and sounds and learning content. This fuels their imaginations which encourages them to play for longer.

Play of this nature doesn’t just need to be for dry land of course as there are now so many wonderful bath toys around that play and learning can continue through bathtime. This can be especially helpful if your little ones are not a fan if bathtime as this kind of play will also be a distraction.


We love the Tomy Foam Cone Factory . This is quite possibly the best bath toy we have owned. All the children are entertained by this and it really appeals to their love of role play. When on ‘dry land’ they love to play with the kitchen and play food and this allows them to continue that type of play in the bath – you can even add sprinkles to your ice cream!

The suckers stick to the side of the bath and hey presto, with a spot of bubble bath and water the ice cream shop can open for business.

What is your favourite kid-powered toy?

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