Ten life lessons our children can learn from films

If you are a regular reader of the blog you will know that I recently wrote about the life lessons we as parents can learn from our children.

This included things like: every day is a fresh start; to be happy; to love unconditionally and so on. All important things that we can forget as our busy lives take over. Sometimes as “grown ups” we can feel as if we are responsible for teaching our children everything, when in reality our children can teach us so much.

Other than parents, where do children learn their life lessons from? With regards to television, we are often lead to believe that television is a bad influence on our children, that we should switch off the TV and they should be outside all the time.

Of course children should have time to run and jump and skip and swim and also just sometimes be a little bored, in order to set their imaginations on fire BUT – you can’t deny that a good movie is also lots of fun.

Aside from the enjoyment there are good, positive messages in many movies aimed at children. Here are just a few!

Decade By Decade: How Much Are Your Old Toys Worth Today? – An infographic by the team at Play Like Mum.

What’s your favourite life lesson here?


  1. I love that! We let Mia watch tv and her ipad quite a bit but she also does a lot of other things. She has learnt so much from watching films and programmes that I don’t see much wrong with it as long as she isn’t glued to it all the time! I love the lessons that are in the films we watch 🙂


  2. I’m all up for a good film with my kids, and these days the morals that films teach them are excellent. I especially love the girl power ones which are more often than not these day thankfully. #sharewithme

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