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Generally speaking I think that learning should always be fun. I know it often isn’t but it really should be. I always learnt more when it was fun and I know the children are the same. I also think the fun factor assists with information retention as well.

Games are a great way to learn. Cartamundi, the world’s market leader in playing cards and card games, has announced the arrival of Fundels — a brand new range that brings together the fun and excitement of card games with a highly effective approach to learning for the young.


The new Fundels educational card games range takes the fact that our brains are 68% more active when we are having fun — and adapts it to a series of card games that offer loads of fun as well as learning. The Fundels range combines entertaining and colourful games and packaging with themes like language, conceptual thinking and mathematics.

Brilliant! Just the kind of thing I think works well and the children enjoy.

Imagine learning to draw in a quick and easy way, by using ten tools that everyone knows: the numbers 0-9. Or recognising and writing letters directly onto cards — with an erasable marker that lets you start again. Or learning the value of numbers through a fast-paced and exciting game. Who doesn’t want to learn like that?

Fundels lets you do all that — and more.

learning through play

There is a premium version and a pocket money-priced ‘standard’ version as well, which offers a take-anywhere-play-anywhere deck of regular flash cards full of exciting spelling, counting and drawing fun. The smaller packs are ideal for travel, but to be honest even the premium packs are still small enough and portable enough to play anywhere.

All games are aligned with the UK national curriculum — so your children can benefit in the classroom from the fun they’re having at home.

The premium games are priced at £9.99 and the standard games at £3.99 – and for the benefits that come from them I honestly feel these are more than worth it. These also make great gift ideas for children you are stuck to buy for. You can purchase these from Tesco from the end of January and WHSmith from early February.

Now, if you like the sound of these games stay tuned because we have a set of these to give away to one lucky Mummy Fever reader.

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  1. Absolutely, some children only learn if its fun as their minds wander and switch off if it goes over their heads, or especially if they have learning dificultiies as my daughter did

  2. I absolutely agree – I could probably use these cards myself as well as with my children. I didn’t find maths much fun at school & I still have a lot I need to learn!

  3. Learning should be fun for everyone . It should be made interesting to each individual. that way less likely for them to lose interest quickly and become eager to learn new things

  4. As a teacher by profession I know from experience the best learning comes from more interesting and fun actvities – thinking out of the box promotes a healthier and active learning environment

  5. Yes learning should be fun. My daughter is a teacher and her pupils love her lessons as they think they are playing games when in fact they are learning

  6. Learning should be fun for numerous reasons. Fun learning helps to maintain the childrens attention and to encourage them to make more effort. They have no idea that they are learning as to them they are playing a fun game for example. It also helps to encourage the child to want to continue learning and repeating and practising what they have learnt in a fun way. I am a big believer of fun learning

  7. Yes, fun learning makes it more memorable, so the child is more likely to remember what they are being taught.

  8. Definitely, children learn so much more when it’s fun as they don’t always think they’re learning!

  9. Yes, children concentrate for much longer and take more in if you can make things fun and interesting.

  10. Learning should be done for fun in young kids – for older children it should be enjoyable but there are things that can’t be done in an informal setting , so more formal lessons are needed then

  11. Yes! As a kid, I always found learning easier when I was having fun and if I wasn’t enjoying learning, it went through my ears!

  12. I do agree that learning should be fun! I definitely learnt more in school when the teachers made classes fun and I remember more from those classes than the boring ones!

  13. Yes of course!! always even with adult training courses if a little fun is injected into the content we remember it better.

  14. I do as children get bored really easily. So the more fun learning is for them the more they will pay attention and learn from things

  15. I agree that learning should be as much fun as possible although their are certain life lessons to understand that simply have no ‘fun’ aspect to them.

  16. Learning should be fun, stress free and at the child’s pace. It makes children more ready to learn

  17. Rather than fun being a relief from learning, the latter had to be its own motivation. Learning can and should be fun.

  18. Learning should always be fun otherwise it’s not going to stick. I wish learning new stuff was made fun for adults as well as I’ve sat through many a sleep inducing lecture x

  19. yes it should be fun, so the child enjoys it. learning through play is great and they doing it without it seeming like they doing work as such.

  20. Children learn through fun and are more likely to pay attention and retain information if they enjoy themselves. Even as adults it seems easier to learn your favourite song than remember to take the meat out of the freezer for tea. If you want children to learn faster and more efficiently you have to take the approach of catching more flies with honey than vinegar.

  21. I completely agree that learning should be fun and exciting for children to keep them focused on what they need to learn instead of making it boring for them

  22. Yeah I completely think it should be! I think children should be able to learn through fun activities before they start at school!

  23. Definitely if learning was boring the chold easily loses interest so making it fun I believe they will want to learn more.

  24. 100% it makes kids actually want to learn. my daughter is struggling with fractions at school so I have just bought her a fractions book but it makes it fun as it has pop ups and lift up flaps

  25. Learning should definitely fun, I feel people are more engaged and take more in if they are enjoying it.

  26. Yes I agree learning needs to have at least some element of fun to get the kids interested and engaged. Rote learning or dry lecturing just isn’t absorbed as easily or as effectively x

  27. Yes learning should be fun. As we learn and remember better when we have a good emotional experience. Our biology, brains, physiology, hormones work in such a way that good experiences are positive and recalled. Whereas stress, distress, negative experience we want to forget, as well as body can release adrenalin “fight or flight” hormone. Body is preparing to protect self, life, limb etc. Poor memory recall, as negative feelings, may feel nausea / sick etc :- negative feelings overwhelming.

    Happy moments, endorphins “feel good hormones”. Will be happy to have same or similar experience.

  28. 100% im a firm believer that if kids are having fun whilst they learn they are going to be interested in it!

  29. Absolutely! By keeping it fun children don’t even realise that they’re learning. As far as they’re concerned they’re just playing.

  30. love making learning fun, my boy gets bored and easily distracted so we have to make things fun and memorable

  31. Yes learning should be fun it’s easier to remember and you don’t get distracted from boredom 🙂

  32. yes I do think learning should be fun, its worth remembering that education doesnt just have to be sitting in a classroom with text books

  33. Learning can be boring to most children but if you make it more interesting and fun they like the idea and learn quicker

  34. I totally agree that learning should be made fun! They are more likely to be happy to learn and take more in by making it fun!

  35. Most definitely! We try to make it as fun as possible for our knowledge hunger almost 3, 4 and 5 year olds x

  36. Absolutely! It’s hard to keep a child’s attention for any length of time! If it’s fun and engaging they will take more in and want to participate more!

  37. Learning should definitely be fun, I try to make learning into games with my son, everything from toilet training (ping-pong ball in toilet, he has to hit the ping pong ball with his wee, if he does he wins a star) to learning his numbers and letters (alphabet magnets, bath paints ect)

  38. Definitely. With a son who gets board easily, it needs to be interactive, engaging and fun to keep his attention and for him to absorb the information.

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