The best educational gifts for kids

I especially love gifts for children that have an educational value to them. BrightMinds, offer the most fun and educational toys for children of all ages, and they are pioneers when it comes to development. They believe that learning can be fun and know that sometimes all it takes is the right toy and a little imagination. I love this ethos.

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How to nurture independent learners

Independent learning is studying where students take charge of their learning without depending on the teacher, or, when at home, their parents. They learn to take the initiative in their education; the transition from traditional to independent learning is a bit challenging. However, students can reap its full benefits with the proper guidance.

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Ever considered home-schooling your children?

have you considered home-schooling

Home-schooling is not something I’ve ever considered myself. I do feel that going to school is the best for our children and that’s not something I would want to change. However, I am really interested in the idea of home-schooling and I can certainly see the benefits for some families. Home-schooling is where parents take […]

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