Ever considered home-schooling your children?

have you considered home-schooling

Home-schooling is not something I’ve ever considered myself. I do feel that going to school is the best for our children and that’s not something I would want to change. However, I am really interested in the idea of home-schooling and I can certainly see the benefits for some families. Home-schooling is where parents take […]

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Making learning fun


Generally speaking I think that learning should always be fun. I know it often isn’t but it really should be. I always learnt more when it was fun and I know the children are the same. I also think the fun factor assists with information retention as well. Games are a great way to learn. […]

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How your child can succeed at sixth form

nelson mandela

The importance of sixth form cannot be overstated, and this is the case with regard to academic measures and the growing maturity and development of youngsters. The performance of a student at sixth form will often determine what college or university they can gain access to and what courses they can study. So if university […]

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