Making a snowy scene

We are all a bit bonkers about the snow in our family, especially me. There is something so magical about snow and it’s one of my favourite things ever. I’m a bit of a snow snob though really, I love proper snow, like this:


In the absence of the real stuff we decided to make a snowy scene with some bits and bobs from Bostik, I pulled out a range of things and got the little boys to select the things they wanted to use for their picture.


They immediately pulled out things like the polystyrene star, snowman and Christmas tree, so we thought we could make a 3D picture with these .


We used black glitter card as a backing and used the Bostik glue to attach the tree, star and snowman to the card backing. This glue is really good so you don’t need that much at all, even when sticking things like this.

The boys decided to give the Christmas tree and the snowman some extra sparkle, by adding some sticky-back gems and bows and then some stars that they glued onto the snowman’s tummy.

xmas tree

To complete their snowy scene, they added some white fluff, to resemble my fluffy snow in the first photo – proper snow, remember!

snow scene

Have you done any snow or Christmas craft lately? Do you love or loath the snow?

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  1. They look really good!
    I must admit to loving snow when I was younger, but find now that the older I get, the more I hate the stuff!

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