Men’s clothing: what’s your view?

What’s your view of men’s clothing, or men’s fashion more generally? Do you have a particular style you like on a man or are you not fussed?

Is your man a snazzy dresser? Is he always dressed quite smartly? Does her prefer a smart-casual look? Or is he normally found in a sports gear? Maybe the man in your life is quirky and has his own unique style.

men's fashion

Thinking back to when my grandfathers were alive, they both dressed quite differently. One of them was always in smart trousers and a shirt and each time he left the house, even if just going to the shop, he would pop on a tie and jacket. I don’t recall this being something my grandmother insisted on, more that it came from him – he liked to be smart.

My other grandfather was more casual in his approach to what he wore, he wore more layers and he had this thick cable knit cardigan that he’d wear over the top – he’d be quite trendy if he was alive today.

men's fashion

I can’t however imagine either of them wearing jeans. Yet, my dad, who is now in his 70’s (despite not looking it) wears jeans all the time and looks great in them. He either goes for a smart-casual look with jeans and a shirt or in the warmer weather he’s a shorts and t-shirts kind of guy.

The man in my life rarely goes beyond smart-casual, and that’s totally fine with me. He spends a decent amount of time in sports gear too and seems to be able to wear shorts all year around.

men's fashion

My three boys are all similar when it comes to clothes. They like to feel comfortable primarily, but they also love getting dressed up for an occasion too and they also like looking smart for school, making sure their collars are out before they leave the house. The rest of the time they are happy in comfy clothing and nice fabrics that feel good on the skin.

What do the men in your life wear?

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