Boys in leggings?

So, boys and leggings – what is your view? Cool or catastrophic?

My first experience of boys in leggings or tights was when my brother was very small and we used to go on skiing holidays. My grandmother had this brain wave that rather than try to battle with thermal trousers and socks that thermal tights were absolutely the way forward.

She was, as she normally was, right of course! Pure genius. One thing that little ones hate is being all bunched up and this avoided that perfectly.

I did the same with my first son when he was small and I plan to also use this approach this year when we ski with the two youngest.

Blade and RoseΒ stock a huge range of leggings for both boys and girls but it’s the boys ones that have really caught my eye. I’m totally sold on these and love the funky designs and bright colours.


The little boys are dinosaur crazy at the moment so these ones are an absolute winner. They are clearly very comfy to wear and they wash really well and of course the bonus is they don’t need ironing.

Would it be wrong to dress the boys in these everyday?


These are most certainly on the packing list for the ski trip. Cosy, practical and great value at Β£10.00 each!

So what do you think? Would you put your boys in leggings?

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  1. My littlest man (16 months) wears leggings all the time. They’re great for crawling little ones and perfect for babywearing as they don’t ride up so keep legs warm.

  2. I did! B&R were perfect; looked dead cool and allowed him to move around while he learned to crawl and beyond.

  3. I spotted these exact leggings on a little boy at Harlow’s gymnastics class the other week and I loved them. I might even buy a pair for Harlow they’re so cute πŸ˜€

  4. I love leggings on boys! You get some funky ones these days and they’re just so cute on chubby little legs! Suz x

  5. I think they’re perfect! Warm , comfy and easy to look after. The colours are great and I particularly like stripey ones. I have two girls, but would definitely put these on a boy. Actually, my girls wear the boys ones!

  6. I am a huge fan of Blade and Rose, i think my boys age 18months & 3 1/2years look fantastically cool in their matching leggings!!! Lots of people do assume that they are girls though!! I just politely correct them πŸ˜‰ xxx

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