Comfy clothes for little people

blade and rose kidswear

The summer months can mean warmer weather, travel and longer days as we try to make the most of holiday time. We all like to dress our children nicely but that doesn’t mean clothes can’t also be comfortable. Comfy clothes for little ones are a must when the weather is warm and especially when travelling. […]

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Autumn Adventures

family walk

Autumn is a lovely season, it must be a photographer’s dream with all the gorgeous colours around. I’m an Autumn baby, so maybe that’s why I feel an affinity with this time of year. It has been quite mild here until relatively recently, but the warmer coats are starting to come out now and the […]

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Boys in leggings?

Leggings for boys

So, boys and leggings – what is your view? Cool or catastrophic? My first experience of boys in leggings or tights was when my brother was very small and we used to go on skiing holidays. My grandmother had this brain wave that rather than try to battle with thermal trousers and socks that thermal […]

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