Natural Solutions To Common Family Health Issues

As you go through life you hear tons of remedies for everything from hiccups, to coughs and and colds. Some turn out to be useless and total nonsense, whilst others stand the test of time and prove their worth.

As a child I remember that my grandmother’s solution to pretty much everything going was honey. Whether that was drinking it with hot water and lemon, having a spoonful to swallow, or smearing it on something – her solution was almost always either honey, heat, ice or water. She wasn’t far wrong!

The best way to clean minor wounds such as cuts, grazes and burns is to rinse them well under cool running water for a few minutes.  To aid healing and protect the wound as it heals apply Medical Grade Manuka Honey, such as Comvita’s Medihoney Anitbacterial Wound Gel. MediHoney creates a moist, low pH environment that promotes wound healing and reduces scaring, it helps to naturally clean the wound of dirt and bacteria, and its potent antibacterial properties reduce the risk of infection. An absolute must have for a family first aid kit!

Were you ever told as a child that if you didn’t wrap up warm or stay inside you would catch a cold? Do you tell your children the same, or do you embrace the colder weather? Now the Autumn is upon us it’s time to start thinking about keeping well through the colder months.  Although colds are more likely to spread during winter months, this isn’t because the chilly weather gives you colds. Colds are caused by viruses that spread through direct contact or via small droplets or aerosols in the air. 

One of the main reasons we see more cases of colds in cold weather is because people spend an increased amount of time inside where the warm, low humidity environment helps the cold viruses to survive in the air for longer. Staying inside also means you are in closer contact with other people who may be infectious giving you a higher chance of catching a cold. So, the opposite is actually true!

The good news is that honey can help suppress coughs and soothe sore throats. With its unique antibacterial properties, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties Comvita Manuka Honey is a perfect for choice if you are coming down with a cold. Eat it straight off the spoon or mixed with warm water and lemon for a soothing and comforting drink – just like my grandmother told me. You can also boost your wellness routine for the winter months ahead with a spoonful of our Manuka Honey every morning. I love most types of honey but this one is amazing!

Comvita is the pioneer and global market leader of the Manuka honey category. Manuka honey is harvested by Apis mellifera Honeybees from the nectar of the Manuka tree found in New Zealand. It is well researched and is renowned for its wound healing properties.

As leaders and experts in the industry, Comvita is committed to the long-term development of Manuka and Bee products backed by unrivalled scientific knowhow. Comvita are the leaders in scientific research and evidence to support the authenticity, purity, potency and quality of Manuka honey, collaborating with world leading scientists and institutes to advance the science behind the natural ingredient.

Committed to acting in a manner that preserves and improves quality of life and the environment for future generations, the Comvita Manuka Forest project pledges to plant more trees to provide opportunities for Comvita to offset its carbon credits by reducing its overall carbon footprint. Its OneHive project strives to connect and empower likeminded people to share and contribute to Comvita’s passion for our natural environment, enabling them to come together and make real and lasting change. To date it has helped to plant over eight million trees, as well as donate funds to the fr­­ont lines of global crises.

Comvita’s Manuka honey products are available from all leading Boots stores, independent health stores and the Comvita shop online. Its other ranges include; Propolis, Olive Leaf Extract, Manuka Honey Elixirs, Lozenges, Oral Care and Wound Gel, which can be purchased from Holland and Barrett, independent health stores and Comvita’s online shop. For more information on Comvita and to purchase, please visit

Why not get prepared for winter with a few of these useful products at home.

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