Planning ahead for the new school year: what’s your preferred way to name label?

As we are now into the final few weeks of the school year, whilst on the surface we may be thinking about summer holidays, no school runs, less club runs and how we are going to juggle work and children over the summer holidays – really, we are also thinking about the massive amount of uniform labelling we will have to do in time for September again.

back to school

How do you normally approach labelling children’s uniform and other school items?

Years ago my parents used to have those fabric tabs printed with my name on and then they would have to hand stitch each one into each item – I mean can you even imagine?  I’d have to start in January each year with four children!

For several years I have been using Stamptastic stamps. It’s super fast to name label four lots of things and the ink stays on really well. The only places I have found it fading are on shoes, lunchboxes and water bottles.

I still stand by this and still really rate the Stamptastic way of labelling. My only issue is that you can’t obviously name label anything black, as the ink is black. There are occasions when I need another means of labelling things.

back to school name labels

This year I’ve also ordered each of the children name labels from Petit Fernand. They have tons of different name labels to choose from depending on your needs. You can customise your iron-on labels, stick-on clothing labels and adhesive name labels to quickly identify clothes, school supplies and a range of other personal belongings.

These are not only ideal for school, nursery and playgroup – but also school trips, camps, sports clubs etc. The labels are 100% personalised and are washing machine and tumble dryer resistant.

These are ideal for shoes and stick well inside without coming off on socks. Children can quickly identify their own shoes in school after PE, and the ability to add a little icon along with their name is a nice touch.

back to school name labels

We’ve got dinosaurs, racing cars, basketballs and music notes – but you can add whatever your child is interested in from the huge selection.

One of the things I love about Petit Fernand is the speed you can order what you need. The website is so easy to use, it took me less than five minutes to place an order for four children. As a parent you need things like this to be as easy and fast as possible and this site is just that.

The stickers stick well to things like lunch boxes and water bottles, and again mean that children can identify theirs really easily from their classmates.

How do you tackle the mammoth task of name-labelling? Would stickers like these help?

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  1. Oh these are really pretty and I love a good sticker! I use a fabric pen and the Stamptastic stamps are amazing too but there are times when a colourful sticker would help Mia find her things quicker! 🙂

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