School fears

For lots of children school is a wonderful experience. A place where they have fun, make friends and learn all sorts of things.

For some children this is not the case. For some, school can be a scary place that makes them feel intimidated and uncertain.

Anxiety around school can often arise when there is a change on the horizon.

  • Perhaps it is starting school for the very first time
  • Perhaps it is moving to a new class
  • Perhaps it is moving from one part of the school to another
  • Perhaps it is moving schools

All these things represent change in a child’s life and may cause concern for some. Then of course there are other children who glide through a series of changes without issue and taking everything in their stride. All children are different.

How you deal with this as a parent will vary depending on your children. Remember, you know them best.

Some of the things you might want to consider include.

  • Speaking to the school or class teacher to enlist their help in a smooth transition
  • Trying to ensure your child has a friend in their new class before term starts
  • Talking with your child about their concerns or asking them to draw a picture of what concerns them, so you can better understand
  • Reading books together about new schools, such as My Stinky New School, a charming book that helps children deal with unfamiliar circumstances
  • Taking them with you to purchase uniform
  • Starting a bravery chart where they collect stars each day
  • Talking positively about school
  • Trying to be relaxed yourself about the change, as children pick up on parental anxiety

Do your children like school? Do you have a child about to start for the first time or perhaps a child who is moving schools? How do you handle it?

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  1. I personally loved school. My eldest did in so many ways but the sheer work pressure as well as bullying meant he didn’t in the end. Hated actually. It’s why we home school. But know that’s not for everyone. Every Child and every school have there own fears as well as their own pros. Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky hope to see you there this week

  2. Didn’t like high school but when I was in my 20’s went back to college and loved it.

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