So flowers have their own language? Know the meaning behind what you are sending

So did you know that all flowers have meanings and each flower carries a different meaning than the other; this can be beneficial when you are planning to send someone flowers. The meanings behind each flower then can be a great way for you to express your feelings, assuming the person you are sending them to knows this as well of course.

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For a very long time, flowers have been used as symbols. Not only as symbols but also to express feelings, some called it the language of flowers. So it would be wise to understand what each flower represents before start sending them to your special someone. We don’t want to give a wrong message, right?

Picking out the right flower from an online florist can be a difficult task. There are so many beautiful flowers available out there with various meanings that are perfect for certain occasion, try The Flower Club Melbourne for tons of choice. Let’s find out more about flowers and their meanings.


Roses are the general symbol of love. You can use Roses to send a deep romantic message of passionate love towards your partner. Aside from love, Roses also can be used to symbolise faith, balance, beauty, passion, devotion, and honor.


Lilies—especially white Lilies—are a flower that symbolise purity and innocence. Lilies also represent devotion, humility, beauty, royalty, renewal, and rebirth. People normally use Lilies to convey emotions and to show pure intentions towards the recipient, although lilies are often also sent if someone has died.



Carnations express love, distinction, and fascination. You can never go wrong choosing Carnations if you want to impress someone, especially your mother since Carnation is the official Mother’s Day flower.


This exotic flower symbolises pride, thoughtfulness, enthusiasm, refinement, strength, and bold; this is why Orchids are a great gift for Father’s Day.


The meanings behind Hydrangea is associated with gratefulness and vanity. Hydrangea also can convey a sincere heartfelt message to anyone; they express care as well as gratitude and the wish of prosperity to the recipient.


Gladiolus represents strength, sincerity, integrity, faithfulness, and “never give up” type of message. This makes Gladiolus a perfect choice when you want to show your support to someone.


Sunflowers are about happiness, good luck, adoration, loyalty, and positivity. Sunflowers are a great choice to bring happy ambience on someone’s special day as Sunflowers also associated with warmth.


Daisies mean purity, innocence, true love, and new beginnings. A flower bouquet of Daisies would be an excellent choice for someone that are trying to start a new life or job.

Baby Breaths

A bouquet of Baby Breath flowers can convey an everlasting and undying love. Baby Breath also symbolise a baby’s purity and usually given on a baby shower party.


With Tulips perfect shape, fragrance, and color. Tulips are a flower that symbolise a perfect love. Other than that, Tulips also symbolise charity, royalty, prosperity, and abundance.

sending flowers


Daffodils represent creativity, forgiveness, inspiration, and awareness. Daffodils usually sent as a new year’s gift because many people believe that this flower will bring happiness and good luck.


For those of you who want to express passion, loyalty, faith, and even hope, Irises can be a great choice!


Constancy and sincerity are the meanings of this flower holds. You can give a bouquet of Hyacinths to tell the person that you send that you have faith in them.


Lilacs means confidence, so by giving this flower is letting the recipient know that you have a confidence.


Snowdrops have similar meanings to Lilies, Snowdrops are also a flower that represent purity and innocence. The white color of this flower what makes them able to send messages like hope and rebirth. Moreover, Snowdrops also can be used as an expression for positivism and telling the recipient to stay positive and embrace the bright future.

The flower meanings mentioned above are just a few examples, there are still a lot of flowers with beautiful meanings you can explore and use to express your emotions to your special someone. One thing to remember is that are other factors that make one type of flower have different meanings. The color, the shape, and the fragrance of the flower.

There you have it, after understanding some of the language of the flower now you know what flower to choose when sending your loved one a flower gift.

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