Sprucing up a bedroom

Decorating can be a big commitment, and something many people avoid at all costs. Whilst the biggest inconvenience if you are paying someone to do it for you can be the intrusion, doing it yourself can be so time consuming and problematic at times that it seems to take over your life for the duration of the project.


Many a night I have found myself with a paintbrush or roller at 2 am and thought what am I doing?

Whilst it’s lovely to get to the end of a decorating project and feel that sense of accomplishment, it isn’t always necessary to carry out a total re-vamp of a room. Sometimes, a few changes to a room can be enough to revive it.

You could add a few pictures, or some stencil art to the walls, or even wall stickers – that might be just enough to create a different feel.


You could just have a move around, get some new bedding and cushions or change the lighting. All of these things can be a way of changing a room without spending too much or using up hours of time on a full makeover.

Alternatively you could change the curtains in a room, or add some blinds perhaps? Blinds can be a great addition to children’s room, as they can help to block out light and keep the room at the same levels of darkness all year around. No more trying to convince children it’s bedtime when it looks like the middle of the day.


Not only can they block out the light, but the can also change the look of a room, framing the windows a bit more. There are loads of different blinds out there, and a huge range of styles and colours, meaning that you can find them to fit any room or taste. You could try Blinds Direct Online for a massive range of blinds to suit all your needs. These are made to measure in the UK and you can expect super fast delivery, so you’ll be able to get that project completed in no time at all.

blinds open

Have you spruced up any rooms recently? What did you change?


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