Sprucing up a bedroom


Decorating can be a big commitment, and something many people avoid at all costs. Whilst the biggest inconvenience if you are paying someone to do it for you can be the intrusion, doing it yourself can be so time consuming and problematic at times that it seems to take over your life for the duration […]

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Choosing a high school


Moving onto the next stage of their education can be a daunting process for both children and their parents. This can also be a really exciting time however, and with some careful planning and organisation, lots of talking to your children and more importantly lots of listening on your part, the process doesn’t have to […]

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Bedroom shuffle


I’m in the middle of a playroom makeover at the moment. Of course this has now sparked lots of other sorting, shuffling, de-cluttering and so on. What is it about spring that sparks that? The New Year can be a time for change but spring, when the daffodils are popping up and the baby lambs […]

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What will be new in 2016?

2016 is certain to be an exciting time. As a parent, you will have experienced so much change in your lives for the last twelve months. You may even be bubbling over with anticipation for the next twelve. Children change so fast. They’re developing and growing, and making you laugh every day. This year, as […]

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