Storing dry foods: what are the options?

How do you store your dry foods? Here a four different options to consider.

Keep them in their original packaging

Yep – sure you can of course keep them in their original packaging whatever that might be. You might be thinking what on earth is she going on about? Just keep whatever you buy in the packaging it comes in – why wouldn’t you?

Depending on what it it is, you might discover that the items either don’t stack that well, meaning your cupboards and shelves constantly look like they are in chaos. Or, you may feel that the packaging you’ve purchased the items in is far too bulky and actually you could save a great deal of space if you emptied the contents into something else.

Glass Jars

Glass jars are a lovely way of storing dried items. I love the way these look in the jars and storing items like this can make your shelves look very well organised and neat and tidy.

You might find these an option if you have a larder or pantry as you probably don’t want to be looking at nasty packaging – it’s much nicer to see a row of pretty looking jars.

Food keeps well in jars like these, so you don’t have to worry about things loosing their freshness.

Plastic Tubs

If you are someone who hangs onto plastic ice cream tubs, or you have a thing for Tupperware, then perhaps you might consider this an option?

They don’t look as nice as glass jars, but it you drop one it will bounce not smash and depending on the shape they can stack quite well, so it you are cramming things into a cupboard you could consider this an option. Rather than trying to balance pasta bags on top of each other, open them all up and pop them in a large plastic tub.

Stack and Store

The ultra-convenient and stylish new Stack & Store range by Addis, is a fourth option you might want to consider. These stacking canisters deliver the ultimate in space saving design and organise food types easily. 

The canisters can be stacked on top of one another, or stored on a worktop as separate units. Airtight lids with a screw lock mechanism guarantee to keep contents fresh and the products come with the Addis seal of quality and a 10 year guarantee.

Space saving and stackable by design, food is easily dispensed and easy for the user to view contents, so you aren’t trying to remember what you’ve stored where! These are available in 3 sizes: 490ml, 1000ml and 1600ml – all sizes are priced under £5.

How do you store dried products at home?

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  1. We keep most dried good in glass jars. We have built up our collection over the years, and now have dozens of jars in various sizes. Some we’ve had for almost 40 years, and the only thing we’ve had to do is replace the rubber seals every few years.

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