Stuck for a gift idea? Wicked Uncle have you covered

Gift buying for children can be tricky at times. Often our children won’t especially ask for much. There might be one or two things that they ask for, but as a parent, you often end up giving those ideas away when friends and relatives ask you what your child would like for their birthday.

I hate just buying for the sake of it though, and I do like to think of gifts that will actually get used, possibly by the whole family ultimately. I like to buy things that last.

In addition to sometimes being stuck for your own children, parents can get stuck buying for other children.

This is where a site like Wicked Uncle comes up trumps. Wicked Uncle is a fun gift site, where you will find a really useful selection of fun, unusual and ‘different’ presents for children. 

One of the things I like is that the team test every potential present before it goes on the website – they build the robot kits, paint the fairies, doodle with the pens, play the games and so on! I mean how cool must that job be right?

They can gift wrap the presents, send them direct with a handwritten birthday or Christmas card and even send you a birthday reminder every year. It’s an all-round fab system, making the life of a busy parent that little bit easier.

My favourite part of the Wicked Uncle site however, is the way the site is categorised. So, for example, you can search gifts for a six-year-old boy, or gifts for an eight-year-old girl and so on. Don’t worry though, you won’t find them to bed stereotypical organised by gender – there are tons of gifts listed in both sections. It just narrows things down a it for the buyer and can save quite a bit of time.

I recently selected a couple of things from their site. This Moon Ball looked like a simple but fun gift, and the National Geographic Walkie Talkies are very cool.

The Moon Ball is only £5.95, but can offer hours of fun for the whole family. The ball has a crazy spin because of its flat edges and it make a strange popping noise as it hits the floor. This often sends the ball in exactly the opposite direction that you thought it was going – which of course provides tons of laughs.

If your children love a good adventure, these National Geographic Walkie Talkies are for them! With a range of up to 6k in the open these are for real adventurers. They even have a built in flashlight for night time adventures! Priced at £39.95, these come with five star reviews from customers.

If you are struggling for gift ideas gift Wicked Uncle a go!

Did you know Wicked Uncle also has a USA website? Click here to find out more.

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