How to take care of your skin during the night

According to the majority of stylists and dermatologists, the best time for skin care is the night. It’s the perfect time for preparing your skin for facial masks, night creams and massages.

Our skin tends to get rested at night and face masks or creams are the most effective during this time. The way you treat your skin at night can affect how your skin looks in the morning. It’s important therefore to have a special skincare routine not only for the daytime but also for the night. Here we’ll help you discover the best ideas for nighttime skin care.

night skincare


So, the first step is cleansing. You must get rid of any dirt, makeup or grease from your face before going to bed. You can use special cleansers according to your skin type. Many doctors believe that most people don’t wash their face properly, which leads to various skin problems. Sometimes they even use wrong products (heavy creams, toners and masks) that are not meant for the night. Professionals recommend using a cleansing brush with a gentle Korean face cleanser and lukewarm water. These will help you wash off dirt and oil from your face.

Soothing Face Mask

face mask

Try to use soothing face masks once a week at night. Some natural masks also include aromatherapy, which give a calming and relaxing feeling. You can either buy some or make them yourself at home. Find out the right facial masks for your skin type and enjoy the advantage of having fresh, glowing and soft skin.

Essential Oils

Few of us give any importance to essential oils, but they are actually the best way to get some aromatherapy (read more). Spa centers usually use essential oils for face massages and they boot your blood circulation, allow your skin to glow and look younger. This method is popular especially in Asian countries and it’s known that the use of essential oils comes from ancient times. Ancient queens always used natural oils of lavender, chamomile, bergamot, tea tree, peppermint, rose etc. to look beautiful and attractive, and the best time they chose for applying these oils was the before going to bed. They were usually accompanied by face massages.

essential oils

Moisturiser/Night Cream

While women with dry skin understand the importance of moisturisers, others think that they can skip this step. If professionals spend time creating the best night creams for wrinkles and moisturisers for all skin types, perhaps we also need a night cream to look sparkling in the morning. So take charge of your nighttime skincare routine and complete it with the best night cream.

Eye Cream

Adding eye cream to your evening beauty routine is another great way to keep the skin youthful and wrinkle-free. Eye creams increase moisture levels, keeping skin from drying out and reducing wrinkles or fine lines.

Finally, eat right, sleep well (easier said than done as a parent) and give up drinking too much alcohol if you really care about the health of your skin.


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