Top 50 driving distractions

Children squabbling in the back of the car has been sited as one of the top 50 driving distractions for motorists. A study by, found that the top 50 common distractions includes children fighting with each other, other road users driving with full beam on in the dark and listening to a favourite song on the radio.

Passing popular tourist attractions also feature in the list. Spotting an attractive driver at traffic lights is also apparently likely to ensure you are not paying full attention to the traffic, according to the research.


Other things guaranteed to distract drivers from the road are changing the radio station, singing along to favourite tunes and watching other people in their cars.

Women admitted checking make-up and hair in the sun-visor mirror also take their eyes off the road as did hunting down their lip balm before parking up. One quarter of Brits struggle to concentrate when getting lost, with three in ten unable to fully focus during heavy rain.

Are you aware that you get distracted when you are driving? What sorts of things do you find cause the biggest distraction? Here is the complete top 50 list, how many ring true for you?


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1. People who drive towards you with full beam on in the dark
2. Heavy rain
3. Getting lost
4. Obstructions / debris in the road
5. Kids arguing in the back
6. Back seat drivers
7. A warning light/weird sound
8. Trying to follow the Sat Nav
9. Kids fighting
10. A bug or spider that has gotten into the car
11. Passenger not giving directions
12. Minor accidents
13. Adjusting the Sat Nav
14. Changing the radio station
15. Scenery
16. Trying to transport something fragile like a cake and making sure it stays safe
17. Having a row with your partner
18. Passengers fiddling with the tunes
19. Passengers fiddling with the heaters
20. You’re watching the driver behind you in your rear view mirror
21. General daydreaming
22. Emergency services travelling on either carriageway
23. Driving past a tourist attraction like Stonehenge
24. Eating/food
25. Being upset
26. People who have broken down
27. A pet in the back
28. Trying to take off a jacket because it’s hot
29. A pedestrian outside the car drawing attention to themselves
30. A text coming through
31. Talking on the phone
32. You’re too busy looking at what other drivers are doing
33. Adjusting the temperature
34. Children making a mess
35. Classic cars
36. Kids playing games
37. One of the kids undoing their seatbelt
38. Advertising/billboards
39. Checking to see if your child is asleep yet
40. When you need something from the glovebox – at 70mph
41. Attractive driver in the car next to you at the traffic lights
42. When you drop some food on the floor
43. Laughing hysterically
44. Unusual cars
45. Checking the fuel level
46. Your favourite song on the radio
47. Listening intently to the radio
48. Smoking/vaping
49. Trying to do up your own seatbelt after you’ve pulled out
50. Checking yourself in the mirror

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Are you a distracted driver? Do you think you are more easily distracted driving as a parent?

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