Take five

What do you do when you have five minutes? I normally whizz around like a lunatic and try to cram in far too many things that you can realistically achieve in five minutes. I am always way too optimistic and set impossible goals.

I don’t do sitting down in fear that I may just fall asleep. Keeping on the go is the only way for me to combat sleep deprivation.

As you’ll know if you are a regular reader of the blog, I’m a hot chocolate drinker. I do also drink green tea though and have even ‘learnt’ to enjoy that in recent years.

I will make regular tea and coffee or others though, although I always attach a warning label to this process for the consumer. The only coffee I feel confident to make is what I call ‘proper’ coffee  – done in a cafetiere. This is because I used to make it this way for my parents as a teenager. Tea always comes with the label of I’m not that great at this so if it’s crap spit it out and I’ll start again!

I do like to play with people a bit though – the seasoned tea drinkers – and mix it up a bit by, for example giving them decaf and seeing if they notice or a different brand to usual. Sometimes they do but most of the time they don’t. Plus, it’s good for them right?


A recent addition to this has been Tick Tock Tea – naturally caffeine free and therefore a super choice of tea during pregnancy. Studies have shown that a high intake of caffeine during pregnancy may restrict the growth of the baby in the womb and increase the risk of miscarriage which is why experts advise pregnant women to limit their intake to no more than 200mg/day. Most people know that coffee contains caffeine but you may be surprised to learn that a cup of strong tea can contain as much and, in some cases more, caffeine than a cup of coffee. Switch to drinks like Rooibos Tick Tock Tea which are naturally caffeine free.

What’s your favourite tea?  Do you ever deviate from the norm? How did you avoid too much caffeine in pregnancy?



  1. I like green tea and I’m the same I try to fit so many things in at once when I have five minutes. You can never sit down. I even have to reheat up my tea at least once everytime I make one!! x

  2. I am a big tea drinker… luckily for me, I don’t mind decaf so long as it’s tea and a nice one… then I’m a happy bunny.

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