The best of Disney

What is your favourite Disney movie?

Is it a case of the old ones are the best or do you love one of the more recent Disney movies?

As a child I loved Lady and the Tramp. I’m not sure why exactly but it was my favourite. It was a great blend of love, tragedy and humour.

Since the children were born we’ve had a few family favourites. We are big Lion King fans and we love the Toy Story and Cars movies as well. When we went to see Frozen at the cinema however, I felt that it was the best Disney movie I had seen in  long time. The popularity of this has grown and grown and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. You can pretty much get Frozen everything these days.

Some of the latest includes:

Frozen Cool Cardz

69900 Frozen Cool Cardz contents

Frozen Fun Tiles Jewellery Box

81012 Cool Create Fun Tiles Frozen Fun Tiles Jewellery Box end results

Frozen Fun Tiles Night Light

81018 Cool Create Fun Tiles Frozen Fun Tiles Night Light end result

Frozen Fairy Lights

Cool Create Disney Frozen Fairy Lights image-0

Frozen Shaker Maker

69932 frozen shaker maker end results, elsa and anna

If you are thinking ahead to Christmas and you know any Frozen fans these are well worth looking into, especially if those children are also into crafting as these products allow children the chance to create something pretty special. Our favourite by far are the fairy lights but the jewellery box also makes a really nice project for a keen crafter looking for a home for their pretty things. These are all pretty well priced and lots of fun so they should be well received.

Older children should be able to manage these on their own but younger Frozen fans will need some grown up help.

Is Frozen still popular in your house? Will it stand the Disney test of time?


  1. Brilliant! My two girls absolutely love Frozen. It’s true, Disney’s showing no signs of slowing down any of its Frozen merchandise. In fact, they’re producing more! I guess I’ve got to start my family Christmas list early this year.

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