Somewhat puzzled

On 18th August we hosted a #RavensburgerPuzzles twitter party.


We were very excited and keen to get started after seeing the wonderful selection of puzzles from Ravensburger. There was some good teamwork with the giant floor puzzles and the In the Night Garden puzzles were especially popular.



We really enjoyed the Minions vs Frozen task where two teams tackled the puzzles in five minute slots. There were three Frozen puzzles in the box and all the pieces were mixed together so they has to be separated first which took some time. The Minions 3D puzzle was very intricate and quite difficult but the perseverance of one party guest shone through. We were a little ‘puzzled’ at first though! We would love to see more of these 3D puzzles as they look amazing once completed. Have a look at the range of 3D puzzles on their website, as there are some incredible ones available.



The Inside Out puzzle was lots of fun as the children had recently seen the film. They also enjoy making their own jigsaws out of Inside Out drawings that they had coloured in.


We finished with a quick game of pass the parcel and some party bags – no party would be complete without party bags now would it? Ravensburger puzzles are a great way to spend time as a family. Why not stock up for rainy days!


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