Games and puzzles for children in isolation

Educational games and puzzles have been an absolute lifesaver as a parent this year. I used to get so frustrated with big box games and puzzles, flapping about how much space they took up, but I’ve been so grateful I kept them all this year. In fact, I’ve added to our collection this year and they’ve been hugely beneficial.

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Family puzzles for Christmas


Christmas Eve is a great time to kick off a new puzzle with the family. You can all get together and try to work as a team – I say ‘try’ because puzzles can get a bit competitive sometimes and little fingers can also take a bit of persuading to ‘give up’ the pieces on […]

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Relaxation comes in different forms


What does relaxation mean to you? How do you choose to relax? Everyone has their own idea about what relaxing is and those ideas aren’t always compatible. What is relaxing for one person, might be stressful or difficult for someone else. It’s personal choice. For some people this might be catching up on their favourite […]

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Somewhat puzzled

On 18th August we hosted a #RavensburgerPuzzles twitter party. We were very excited and keen to get started after seeing the wonderful selection of puzzles from Ravensburger. There was some good teamwork with the giant floor puzzles and the In the Night Garden puzzles were especially popular. We really enjoyed the Minions vs Frozen task […]

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A little puzzled?

Do you love a good puzzle? If so, you should make a note of 18th August 2-4 pm and join us on #RavensburgerPuzzles for a twitter party and a chance to win prizes. We will be hosting a party and sharing all our puzzle creations, successes and what we are struggling with (some of the puzzles […]

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