The best type of mix and match items in your wardrobe

I love the idea of an item of clothing being suitable for multiple purposes. It feels less wasteful I think, when it can have multiple uses. I certainly have some things in my wardrobe that are only any good for one particular outfit or occasion. There are bound to be things that get worn more than others, but it feels much better when those things that only serve one purpose are few and far between.

How many wasteful purchases have you made that are still hanging in your wardrobe, never having been worn? How long to you keep things hoping that you will wear them one day? This year especially feels like there are tons of things that haven’t been worn at all. 2020 has limited the types of outfits that have been required somewhat.

What’s the best way to ensure that the items you buy can be put to a wide array of uses? Below are a few ways to make sure your purchases don’t spend more time in your wardrobe than they do on you.

Ask yourself will you ever wear it?

I mean, we all do this sometimes don’t we. Buy stuff that deep down we know we won’t ever wear. I’m so much better at not doing this these days. There are tons of things I like, but I know I would never wear because they just don’t fit in with my lifestyle for example – I’m much better at being realistic these days and reminding myself that however nice something is, there’s no point just looking at it for years in your wardrobe, you might as well wear that grey cropped hoodie, because at least you know it will get worn on a regular basis.

Do you have things in your wardrobe that you’ve never worn? How many things still have the tags on?

Think about the colour

Some colours you can literally wear with anything, others might only work with a couple of other things in your wardrobe, so be practical and have lots more of the versatile colours.

White and black are obvious choices when thinking about what goes with what. Grey can also be really versatile, as well as something like a navy blue. Yellow can inject a bit of colour into an outfit and can be paired with tons of things too.

What are your favourite standard colours to wear that go with most things? I have tons of black things and it tends to be my default colour, but it is so practical and it can be hard to get away from buying just black things all the time.

Things like this black denim jacket are ideal as they can go with some many things, likewise, a white denim jacket will also be super practical and see you through the summer months in particular.

Consider if it will layer

A great mix and match purchase is one that you can layer with other things. You can get more wear out of things by layering them with other items. This way you can get around wearing spring or summer clothing all year around, by popping a jacket over the top of the outfit or adding a thick pair of tights for example. This ribbed skirt and top set can be worn on the warmer weather, but also put with tights and boots in colder weather.

A cropped denim jacket can be worn over a summer dress or a vest top for example, add a pair of thick tights and boots and you’ve got a winter outfit right there, without having to buy a whole new outfit of course.

Layering up is also super practical in the colder months, as you can move from outside into a heated indoor environment and simple remove or add a layer. This is often more comfortable and practical than wearing a huge coat for example.

Think about what you already have

Before you buy something new, think about what you already have in your wardrobe and ask yourself if what you are about to buy will go with any of those things.

The more things it will go with, the more you will wear it, making it a really practical purchase.

This is a collaborative article.

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