The Only Soundproofing Tips You Need To Know

There are some people that can sleep through everything. Most of the time, you need to see it to believe it. For example, sleeping at a party or at a very loud concert. Those people are so lucky they don’t even know it!

Unfortunately, for the rest of us, we need a quiet room. We often have to hear the sounds of cars passing by, people yelling on the streets or even loud neighbours. Even worse, the cost of professional soundproofing is extraordinarily high, and we have to resort to DIY solutions. Luckily for you, we have the best ones selected already. Read on to see what are the best soundproofing tips that you need to know.

You can absorb room noise with regular materials

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Surprisingly, most of the things you need to soundproof your home are already at your disposal. First of all, we will talk about carpets and rugs. If you live in a building with hard wooden floors, it’s time to get the mats out of the closet. Hard surfaces like wood are terrible at concealing or deadening sound.

Now, we just can’t go around and switch the floor on a whim, but, what we can do is put a carpet over it. This will help deaden the sound, and it will make your life easier. The thicker the mat, the better. It will work as a sound insulator, and almost nothing will pass through it. Also, if you have laminates or tiles, this will help out a lot. For more info click here.

You can hang curtains or blankets over loud areas

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In the section above, we handled the problem if the sound is coming from below, but what should you do if the sound is coming from all sides? For example, some people are talking loudly in the hallway, and your first neighbours are bickering or watching a very loud movie, or playing music.

You might be thinking that your options are now limited. Hang some curtains or blankets at the wall where the noise is coming from. If it’s a blanket, you can nail it or glue it, or you could check out a collection of blackout curtains.

Now, we’ll look into both of the options. Blankets are the more natural choice because you have them all around. The thicker the rug, the better. They work the same as carpets, and they will block most of the sound. A simple rule of thumb is to go for more mass in any object that needs to block soundwaves. An exciting thing to have in mind is to get some moving blankets. If you’ve just moved into a new place, keep the sheets for a while only in case if it’s loud.

Switch up your interior

If you don’t have a load of blankets or curtains around, you can try moving your furniture for a bit. A bookcase is the best thing to have, but other things can do a good job as well. If you have a big cabinet full of clothes, that might do an even better job. It’s the same principle as before. You can move a bookcase or an office near a loud wall, and it will marginally dampen the sound coming from there. It might even stifle it completely. So, as you are building your book collection or your outfits, you can also sleep a bit better. You can click here for more info.

Secure all windows and doors

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Air goes through everywhere. You may not have noticed, but it really does. Most of the time, it’s the window and door areas. A simple way to check if the air is coming from your hallway is to turn off all the lights in your room and see if anything is coming from outside. If you can see any light at all, that means that you’ll definitely be hearing a sound. The way to handle this problem is to buy weatherproof tape and just seal the door a bit. This will make your room quiet again, and you can have a beautiful, peaceful sleep. Of course, they will do the job, but if the noise is too loud, you can try calling Soundproof Pros.

For the windows, you can just get a few window seals. They will secure a closed window in place, and no air will drift. As well as that, they are straightforward to remove so you won’t have any problems with opening the window for some fresh air. It’s a win-win situation because you don’t hear the traffic, and no polluted air goes through. Your main goal for these two should be to insulate your bedroom and hear no noise as you’re falling asleep. All of these options are good at soundproofing, but they are not the best.

A few final words

Noise can be a real pain sometimes. For most of the day, nobody cares, but, when it’s time to enjoy some peace and quiet, you might need to resort to a few DIY changes in your living place. Most of the time, the noise is coming from outside, so you need a few things that will muffle the sound. Adding thick carpets, hanging a few curtains, and a few blankets will definitely help out a lot. When you combine that with window seals and door stuffing, you’ll finally get the quiet sleep you’ve been looking for.


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