The Most Popular Casino Games among Women

Gambling hasn’t always been the women’s arena. However, the popularity of online casinos has facilitated a way for the interested women gamblers. The top UK online and mobile casinos are releasing women-centric games to woo them. The situation has certainly improved for women, over the years. Talent and perseverance have helped women make a name for themselves in the gambling industry, both land-based and mobile casinos. Though significant changes have already occurred, there still is a long way to go for players and casinos as well!

Let’s look at the most popular casino games amongst the women! You can also read this guide for more information.

The evergreen Roulette!

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Roulette is one of the oldest casino games known to gamblers. However, there’s an unparalleled thrill to the game that makes it extremely popular, even today. Though both men and women relish indulging in a good game of Roulette, it seems to be more popular with the women. There’s something about this game that reminds one of the popular TV show “Wheels of fortune”. The prospect of spinning the wheel and scoring the favourite number can be quite thrilling and enough to get the adrenaline rushing! The mobile casinos offer varieties of roulette variants to choose from and provide with a seamless experience.

Did you hear CRAPS?

Despite the name, the other most popular game amongst the women, craps is extremely fun and thrilling. Research has shown that six out of ten times, it’s a women player on the crap table. So, make sure to check the next time you pass by one! Women tend to understand this game more than men do. It may look quite complicated, but, it is very easy to understand and highly engrossing. The availability of online casinos has facilitated easy access to these games. In fact, the top UK online and mobile casinos such as Casino Pros ensure the unmatched experience for their customers.

Let’s play SLOTS on mobile casino

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Women heart slots! There’s simply no doubt about it. In fact, it is one casino game that is dominated by the women players. The studies show that for everyone male, there are over dozen female players, indulging in online slots. Slot machines act as a great start for the women who aren’t much into the table games. Table games can sometimes be too intimidating and the chances of hitting jackpots are rare. On the other hand, slots are quite straightforward and offer lots of bonuses, especially if you keep playing on the same game. Furthermore, video slots now offered in the online space provide a more electrifying experience with bright colours and animations to enhance the experience, whilst card based games can seem quite dull in comparison.

Live Poker

Men tend to dominate when it comes to the live poker circuit, but the number of women playing poker on mobile casinos is way greater. In fact, this acts as a motivation for other women gamblers to indulge more in poker. It is a general notion that women aren’t efficient at poker. However, they are proving this notion wrong and paving their way to huge jackpots.

With rising popularity of the casino games among women, the list is certain to grow soon. Various online casino sites provide ample opportunity to the players to hone their skills and make them at ease while playing at land-based casinos. The times are good for the women who love to gamble!

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